Enso Innovation

Environmental Solutions

Enso is a technology-based company whose main activity revolves around the technological advice and development of new products and services applied to industry that allow environmental impact to be reduced.

Committed to the environment and innovation, we encourage sustainability in the use of materials covering the needs of our clients and our technological partners, carrying out activities like:


Technological advice in the development of new materials, processes and environmentally sustainable solutions to provide global support in reducing the environmental impact of production companies.


Research, Development and marketing of new materials and mechanical and chemical technologies that reduce the use of fossil resources and the company’s environmental impact. The company bases its knowledge in the optimised reuse of waste through new methodologies of characterisation and recovery in different bases such as polymers, asphalt mixes and concrete.


Research, Development and marketing of new products and innovative processes, which are the result of the company’s research and allow water, air and soil purification processes to be improved through the use of enabling technologies such as advanced materials, nanotechnologies and biotechnologies.


Technical advisory and consultancy services in the development of technology and financing for R+D+I.

Management of large-scale projects related to the implementation of new technologies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes.


  • Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Technological innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Sustainability

Development of materials, technical consultancy and R+D+I management