Galician Innovation Agency echoes ENSO developments

This week, the Galician Innovation Agency has published in its blog Con G de Ganadores the interview made to our Director for our work in cellulose nanofibers. Cellulose nanofibers are firm candidates to become a supermaterial, due to its renewable origin and its properties, among which its hardness, lightness stand out.
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10M€ to Turn Lignin into Valuable Products for a European Circular Economy Model

LIBERATE, a European project carried out by an international consortium, received a grant from European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme to deliver a pilot scale electrochemical plant to demonstrate the commercial opportunities of converting low cost lignin feedstock in high value bio-sustainable chemicals.

Barcelona, 18th of October 2018 —The European Union has awarded a grant of 10 million Euro to LIBERATE, a Horizon 2020 collaborative project carried out by an international consortium led by Leitat. The project partners are research centres and universities such as the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, TNO, SINTEF, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, University of Alicante, large enterprises like Evonik, Perstorp, and Oxiris, and SME’s including CHIMAR, Megara, NX Filtration, Condias, ENSO, Idener, and Gate2Growth. The project was officially launched on the 10th of October in Barcelona at Leitat’s headquarters.

LIBERATE will deliver a pilot scale electrochemical plant to demonstrate the commercial opportunities of converting low cost lignin, extracted from biomass such as wood, in high value bio-sustainable chemicals. Currently, lignin is being burnt for energy purposes, but LIBERATE aims to change that. The project will extract basic chemicals for the European industry to produce valuable products such as polymers or antioxidants, currently coming from petrochemical industry.

“With LIBERATE, Europe goes a step further towards a circular economy model. It will make the industry less dependent from imported oil and reduce the impact of industries on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency” says Angel Valdivielso, Project Technical Manager at Leitat.


ENSO INNOVATION has been the beneficiary of a grant for the hiring of a technologist to carry out R + D + i activities, within the framework of 2018 call of the PRINCIPIA Program of the Galician Innovation Agency. Aiming companies and research organizations in Galicia, it encourages hiring for a minimum period of one year of personnel to carry out R & D & I activities. This activities must be aligned with the priorities established in the RIS3 for Galicia, in order to promote their professional career, as well how to stimulate the demand in the public and private sector of personnel sufficiently prepared to undertake R & D projects