Lines of action

Technology, R&D and the Environment

Our work focuses on two research lines and technical consulting, focused on improving the environment.

Advanced Materials

  • Advanced Materials for Environmental Remediation Applications.
  • Bio-based and/or low environmental impact materials.
  • Development of high performance materials.


Circular Economy


Research and development of chemical, biological and electrochemical processes for by-products and waste valorization, resources transformation, extraction of high-value compounds: Critical Raw Materials and valuable metals; proteins, antioxidants; biopolymers, etc.

LCA and Technical Consulting


We carry out Life Cycle Analysis and Cost Cycle Analysis of processes and products, Environmental Declarations, Carbon and Water footprint. Technological surveillance and market studies. Management of R&D projects.

We are specialists in the research and production of biobased/nano materials and the development of technologies and processes for the recovery of resources, improving the environment.