Development of chemical, biological and electrochemical technologies and processes for the implementation of Circular Economy strategies.

  • Recovery of Critical Raw Materials and valuable metals.
  • Bio and hydrometallurgical processes for the recovery of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) and valuable metals from primary and secondary sources.
  • Selection of enzymes, bacteria, microalgae and fungi for the mobilization, bioprecipitation or selective biosorption of metals of interest.
  • Experience in sectors such as mining, water, automobile or electrical and electronic waste (WEEEs).
    • Bacterial route for the production of valuable products from waste sources from different industries (food, waste water, etc.).
    • Valorization of by-products of different origin (agroforestry, WWTPs, etc.) by obtaining high added-value compounds (proteins, antioxidants, fertilizers, etc.).
    • Application of the obtained products in different sectors and industries (food, plastic, water treatment, etc.).